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May 2010

Community Futures Northwest Alberta, a Community Futures Development Corporation, is a federally sponsored, but community directed, not for profit organization. Our geographic area of service includes all the communities and residents of the North Western corner of Alberta, from Keg River to the south and the NWT border to the north, from the BC border to the west and east into Wood Buffalo National park. CFNWA is directed by a volunteer Board of Directors recruited for their expertise in various industrial and community sectors as well as for geographic representation.

The community development role of our organization within the region is to facilitate or enable communities to help themselves.  The corporation assists with this bottom-up approach by acting as a resource at every step of the way.  We can help with establishing community and regional goals, plans and programs, and implementing courses of action to pursue them, ensuring that planning is followed by action. CFNWA may become involved with any project or program that has the opportunity of improving the lifestyle of the region’s residents.

Typical areas of service include:

  • Making connections
  • Assisting with research, proposal preparation or other required processes
  • Providing information on and assisting in the exploration of economic development opportunities and issues
  • Maintaining current information regarding our region, its communities, its economic base, and its small business community
  • Partnering with others in the region to address community and regional development
  • Referrals to appropriate service organizations

The business development role of the corporation is to provide individuals and businesses with the following services:

  • Technical Assistance – assisting with business planning and research
  • Financial Assistance – providing non traditional financing to viable business ventures
  • Training – delivering or facilitating access to training in various business capacities.

These business advisory services assist the potential and existing entrepreneur to establish or improve a business. Clients are assisted in every way from development of a business plan to preparing cash-flow projections to exploring options for financing or training.  Our extensive business resource library also provides a wide range of information that is available to clients and the general public


The Mission of Community Futures Northwest Alberta is:

Community Futures Northwest Alberta assists and encourages this region’s residents to enhance their Economic, Community Development and Industry Diversification efforts.

The Corporation undertakes it’s Mission by:

  • Maintaining an “apolitical”, advocacy and facilitation role building upon the corporation’s established tradition of integrity.
  • Support regional development; industry sectors, business development and diversification opportunities & initiatives, assisting as possible with capacity building with First Nations;
  • Promote the region, keeping aware of regional community issues and encouraging awareness throughout the region
  • Advocate and lobby for the region;
  • Collect, communicate and distribute information
  • Administering our corporate resources effectively and efficiently.

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The service region of Community Futures Northwest Alberta spans more than 87,000 square kilometres. That's larger than New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island combined!

Approximately 20 small communities are home to more than 24,000 residents in communities like Rainbow Lake, High Level, Fort Vermilion and La Crete. Ten Aboriginal communities and Alberta's largest Métis Settlement are located within our region's borders.

Community Futures Northwest Alberta is one of 27 Community Futures Development Corporations in the province of Alberta. A non-profit organization working in partnership with Western Economic Diversification Canada, the Corporation's services provide community economic development and business services to its region.

Encouraging a local development process in communities with local labour markets is one of the hallmarks of the Corporation. It participates in a local process to assess economic opportunities and promote community economic development.

"We work toward achieving long-term employment growth and diversification, enhanced quality of life, and retention of young people in our communities," reports CFNWA General Manager Mike Osborn.

"We are a community directed corporation with a volunteer Board of Directors recruited for their expertise in an array of industrial and community sectors as well as geographic representation."

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